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    General Corporate Legal Services

    As legal advisors to varying kinds of companies, we routinely advise on a diverse range of legal issues that arise in relationships with business partners and employees. We provide a broad scope of legal services to meet the needs of our corporate clients, including drafting and checking legal documents such as contracts and regulations, negotiating contracts, handling claims, collecting receivables, and resolving disputes.

    International Business Support

    We provide legal services such as preparation of contracts for trade transactions, legal support for establishing overseas offices, support for local lawsuits, and representation of overseas companies in cases in Japan. We also provide preparation of employment contracts.

    Mergers and Acquisitions

    For mergers, business transfers, and other organizational restructurings, we provide numerous services, including scheme selection, due diligence, preparation of multiple contracts and notification documents, contract negotiations, and correspondence with the relevant authorities, in cooperation with certified public accountants as necessary.

    Business Succession

    We advise legal issues related to business succession, selection of succession schemes, and preparation of related legal documents. We provide legal services that consider taxation aspects in cooperation with our affiliated tax accountant office.

    Intellectual Property

    We counsel companies on the use of intellectual property rights, including trademarks, copyrights, and patents, and provide comprehensive registration services, contract negotiations, and dispute resolution.

    Labor Disputes

    As an agent for employers, we represent in worker mediation, labor tribunals and litigation, and negotiate with labor unions. We also advise on disciplinary actions against employees who have committed misconduct such as sexual harassment, power harassment, and on other work-related issues, such as consideration of mental health, and measures to prevent reoccurrence of wrongdoing.

    General Meetings of Shareholders

    We provide advice on general meetings of shareholders of listed and non-listed companies, and prepare convocation notices and other documentation related to general meetings. We also provide guidance on shareholder meeting agenda, and can attend general shareholder meetings.


    In addition to responding to misconduct cases, we provide advice from a compliance perspective on day to day management decisions, formulate and revise compliance manuals and pen various regulations. We provide guidance and lectures at compliance training sessions. We also offer a whistleblower helpline service for employees to consult on compliance issues.

    Debt Collection

    In response to requests from various companies and financial institutions, we provide debt protection and collection services for accounts receivable, loan receivables, and other receivables in the event of credit instability.

    Corporate Restructuring and Bankruptcy Treatment

    We provide advice and planning of various restructuring methods to companies in need of management restructuring. We also act as trustees in the event of bankruptcy upon request from court.

    Financial Law

    We provide a wide range of legal services as legal advisors to financial institutions, including advice on legal issues arising in day-to-day contact operations, credit management, preparation and checking of legal documents such as contracts, regulations, debt preservation, and collection.

    Insurance Law

    As a legal advisor to a non-life insurance company, we prepare opinion letters regarding the determination of liability for traffic accidents and medical accidents, we negotiate settlement with third parties involved in accidents, we represent clients in litigation, and tackle and eliminate fraudulent claims.


    We advise on legal issues arising in system development, defamation on the Internet and dispute resolution.

    Construction and Real Estate

    As a legal advisor to construction companies and real estate companies, we advise and resolve disputes related to construction disputes and the sale, purchase, lease, and management of the real estate.


    As legal advisors to hospitals, dental clinics, pharmacies, and more, we represent clients in medical-related lawsuits and in complaint handling. We give legal advice on hospital management, and provide guidance and lectures to medical personnel and staff on preventing medical accidents.


    At the request of cosmetic-related companies, we prepare legal documents such as various contracts and consent forms, and we provide advice on legal issues arising in connection with contracts and treatments, and we resolve disputes.


    As legal advisor to a prominent local sports team, we advise on issues arising in team management and player transfers.

    General Civil and Criminal

    We handle general civil cases such as traffic accidents, inheritance, divorce, etc., as well as criminal law cases.

    Public Interest Activities

    To fulfill our social responsibility as lawyers to protect fundamental human rights and realize social justice, we also engage in public interest activities such as accepting court-appointed defense cases and on-duty defense cases.

    Other Activities

    We are also active as outside directors of listed companies, play roles in various review boards of local governments, and train and deliver lectures on a wide range of legal topics.